Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Missing Your Messiah Moments!

Slow down! Stop and smell the roses! So many of us have heard these words before. But the question is how many of us have actually done that; have slowed down; have taken the time to stop and smell the roses?

I’m afraid too many of us have done just the opposite instead of slowing down we are speeding up, full throttle, pedal to the metal. Life seems to be going so fast we can’t even remember what day it is or how we got to where we are?

Over these past few weeks I’ve made a conscious effort to make mental notes of the little things that the Messiah has done for me or things that He revealed to me like He did with the woman at the well. (Yes, it means changing my focus and slowing down, paying attention to what God is doing for me!) Jesus, the Christ (the Messiah) revealed to this woman who was an outcast in society that He was the Messiah. Now this woman was at the well in the heat of day getting water for her empty water pot. She had a task at hand that needed to be done. But yet this Man had spoken to her which was unheard of in that day. It was then that she had a choice to make, to stop what she was doing, listen to Him and converse with Him, or continue with the task at hand. She chose wisely. She chose to stop what she was doing and enjoy a Messiah Moment. Oh, she did not know that He was the Messiah at first, but she continued to converse with and listen to this Man who was speaking with her. It was by stopping what she was doing and spending some time in conversation with this Man that He revealed to her first (even before His disciples) that He was indeed the Messiah.

So I ask you…why haven’t you stopped or slow down to converse with your Messiah? What are you missing in your God appointed Messiah moments? Is it a word of encouragement? Or maybe it will be something that God will reveal to you and you alone. Will you make a wise choice to sit and talk to the One who has a special moment waiting just for you?

I want so share a couple of clips from some emails that I have received this past week that touch exactly on this subject.

Hi Janice,
I just wanted to share an experience I had yesterday with you. Could you also forward this to all the ladies in our class?

I was sitting outside in our backyard with Ethan when I saw a dragonfly zoom by. I thought to myself how pretty a blue dragonfly would look (blue is my favorite color). Not a second later there was a blue dragonfly right in front of me. It hovered around us for awhile and even paused on a chair across from me so I could get a good look at how pretty it was. And then it dawned on me - This was a way of God saying "I'm here, I love you". How truly amazing is our God!!! Now I wonder how many signs like this have I missed because I was too busy or too caught up in life's problems to notice. I wanted to share this with everyone because it's the little things like this that help strengthen my faith. I am blessed to have you ladies in my life!
Your sister in Christ,

Here’s one in response to Jenny’s email.

Please forward to Jenny. I had a similar experience with a group of buttterflies(not real ones though). Our school is only 2 years old so the Principal told the Art teacher that the hallways look like a hospital and suggested she paint something on the walls. My students all know that I love butterflies. I have my classroom decorated with all kinds. One of them talked to the Art teacher and when I got here Monday morning, outside of my room on the wall are 9 of the most beautiful butterflies I have ever seen. It made my whole week! To them it was a small gesture, but it spoke volumes to me about what they must think of me to take time out to do that. Sometimes we are so busy being busy that we don't take time out to enjoy the small blessings. Jenny, I'm glad you were tuned in enough not to miss that chance! Angie

As we can see there is a great deal of Messiah Moments that we miss. Why? Because we don’t slow down to see the dragonflies and butterflies or stop to smell the roses. We are just not focused or tuned in to the One who wants to share a special moment with us. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to miss my Messiah Moments. I pray that you will join me in stopping and slowing down to capture, to take hold of your Messiah Moments. And while your at it, be sure to post a couple of your own Messiah Moments!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why the blog spot?

So why do a blog spot?

First and foremost... so our Lord and Savior will receive all the glory from all the correspondence that will take place on this site.

Secondly... so that we as women can get to know our sisters in Christ on a whole new level and share our lives with one another.

Thirdly...so that women can find a place of support and encouragement from their sisters in Christ and know that whatever life throws at them they are not alone. They have sisters on the other side of their computer monitors who will be there for them.

Fourthly...so that we can share with one another what God is doing in our lives and through our lives.

May this be a place of women sharing life to life and heart to heart.

To God be the glory! AMEN!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Our Purpose

Our purpose:

1. Is to glorify God through the Lord Jesus.

2. It is to edify, educate and encourage all women as they seek to grow in their knowledge and love of the Lord Jesus.

The site will be an opportunity that the Lord has made possible to reach out to one another in order to help and encourage each other in our daily walk with Him.

This site will reach beyond our individual churches and bible studies to the unsaved women in our community and city, reaching women from all walks of life and to facilitate their growth and maturity. This site will also include opportunities for building close relationships among women in the body of Christ that crosses generations, ethnic groups, economic status, skills level, and gifts.

One of our goals is to help women know that regardless of what their past looks like, there is a bright future for them in Jesus Christ and that they can be all that God wants them to be. We will provide a heart to heart site that will focus on the issues that are relevant and unique to women, give Godly insight from the Scriptures about every day living through a weekly post.

Remember, every woman is important. Every woman’s spiritual health is important. Every woman who is a part of the body of Christ or is truly searching to know Him is welcome to join us in this site and to be a part of this wonderful move of God. I pray that each woman will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have been called into the kingdom for such a time as this! Our God wants to take those ashes and give you His beauty. Isaiah 61:3 “”to give them beauty for ashes.” Will you accept His gift?

Our Name

Women of the Way! Our name is taken out of the book of Acts Chapter 19:9, 23. It seems that one can speak freely about God but start saying the name Jesus and most people will become uncomfortable. These two verses refer to people being hardened and not believing but speaking evil of the Way (which refers to those who followed the way of Christ). And in verse 23 there arose a great commotion about the Way because Paul had persuaded many people to stop believing in their idols and start believing in Jesus.

The name was chosen because I want to be known as "A Woman of the Way."

Women of the Way - Who are we?

Who are we? We are women who are burdened; Women who are busy; Women who are hurting; Women who are...not in the best of health; Women who....sometimes worry too much; Women who are...filled with guilt; Women who are...feeling that dread of hopelessness taking over our lives; Women who are...lonely; Women who...don't sleep well at night; Women who are...ashamed of their past; Women who...never thought or believed that they were loveable; Women who...thought that their sins were so great that they deserve only the worst of punishment; Women who...never saw herself as a woman who had worth...That is until the Lord Jesus Christ made His way into our hearts. And, we realized that though life can sometimes drag us down...we can find our true freedom and joy in Christ Jesus...because it is He who gave us "beauty for ashes." And it is for Him that we now live.

Each woman has her own story that is unique and personal to her. But each woman shares one same story and that is...that Jesus Christ has changed their lives and rescued them from the pit of hell...He has given them "A New Beginning" and has transformed their lives.

Join me and other women as we walk this journey of life together as Women of the Way.