Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Women of the Way - Who are we?

Who are we? We are women who are burdened; Women who are busy; Women who are hurting; Women who are...not in the best of health; Women who....sometimes worry too much; Women who are...filled with guilt; Women who are...feeling that dread of hopelessness taking over our lives; Women who are...lonely; Women who...don't sleep well at night; Women who are...ashamed of their past; Women who...never thought or believed that they were loveable; Women who...thought that their sins were so great that they deserve only the worst of punishment; Women who...never saw herself as a woman who had worth...That is until the Lord Jesus Christ made His way into our hearts. And, we realized that though life can sometimes drag us down...we can find our true freedom and joy in Christ Jesus...because it is He who gave us "beauty for ashes." And it is for Him that we now live.

Each woman has her own story that is unique and personal to her. But each woman shares one same story and that is...that Jesus Christ has changed their lives and rescued them from the pit of hell...He has given them "A New Beginning" and has transformed their lives.

Join me and other women as we walk this journey of life together as Women of the Way.


Angie Carter said...

WOW!! The new website rocks! You could not have come up with a more accurate description of who we are.Janice,you are truly blessed with the gift of teaching. My life continues to be enriched by my sisters in Christ.To the great I AM,I am so thankful for being delivered to FCCC.

deesquare4308 said...
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deesquare4308 said...

Awesome idea!