Wednesday, August 5, 2009

To trust or not to trust - what will you do?

Happy New Year! Words we hear quite bit at the beginning of every New Year. And, I do believe when people wish you a Happy New Year their wishes are sincere and well intended.

But for many of us, our year turns out to be anything but happy. As we are more than halfway through 2009 I can honestly say that 2009 has not been a very “happy” year. It’s been a year filled with much sadness, grief, and concern for my loved ones (which is why I haven’t written lately). First, my brother had to have a mitral valve procedure in April and ended up going into cardiac arrest three times. Praise the Lord he is alive. Following that my husband in May and June had to go through a series of heart tests. Again, praise the Lord he is fine. Shortly after that, on June 20th we lost our beloved Standard Poodle Hannah. She suffered from liver disease for over three years. She fought the good fight but as with all battles, the battle comes to an end. Yes, sometimes it is an ending that we do not want. Her passing was very sudden and seemed as though it came out of nowhere. The sadness and the grief as you can imagine were and at times, still are, unbearable. I am so grateful though to our Great Physician for the healthy three years that Hannah did have.

But one a brighter note the Lord had led me to my new girl, a 2 year old Standard Poodle who I adopted on June 28th. She is truly a love and blessing. She has all the same poodle traits as Hannah but a very different personality.

I share all this with you because for these past few months I’ve been in this spiritual slump? A slump I just can’t seem to get out of? Have you ever been there? I really thought it was because of my circumstances. But I started thinking was that really it or was there something else causing this spiritual slump?

While having my quiet time today I was praying once again for God to renew me, to lift me out of this slump. I know that I can’t live my life based on my feelings but I also knew that I needed to be spiritually uplifted.

I realized that it wasn’t just me who seems to be so low but it is all around me in the lives of others. It seems as though all joy is gone. I thought about those who are close to me who also have so many things going on in their lives. They have family members sick with serious illnesses, some have lost their homes, their jobs, and they don’t know where they are going to live, how they are going to pay their bills. Are you in any of those categories?

I believe what God showed me this morning is that it’s not just me who is in some kind of spiritual slump, but others as well. He showed me that it is an oppression that is hovering over us keeping our eyes off God and that we have misplaced our trust. In Hosea 13:6 God says “When they had pasture, they were filled; They were filled and their heart was exalted; Therefore, they forgot Me.” Many of us, me included, have trusted in the things of this world for all our need and wants. And when we had plenty everything was great… was good. But then, things started crashing around us. Many of us lost so much. And now, we are at a loss as to what to do. We’ve trusted in our jobs, our money, our investments, our spouses, our government, our military for our needs and wants, and the list could go on. If we were really honest with ourselves we would have to say that we really haven’t trusted God. Not really. Our mind and our words may say that we do. But what about deep down, what is your heart telling you? Is it telling you to panic and to worry, to take matters into your own hands that you cannot afford to trust God never mind wait on Him? Or, is your heart tender and telling you, that yes, you’ve trusted in the things of this world for your needs and wants, but it is time to allow the Lord control over your life? What is the condition of your heart right now? What steps will you take to give Jehovah-Jireh, our Provider complete control of your life and circumstance?

As we watch the news, we are seeing evidence of people’s hearts in all kinds of ways such as anger, violence in our streets, in our schools, suicides; even murders are on the rise with no end in sight. A world gone mad whose trust is in the world and not in the One who Created it. People would rather trust in things than in the One who created those things. Doesn’t make much sense when you think about it that way does it?

My dear sweet sisters, I want to encourage you now more than ever to put your trust in God. We are only sojourners here passing through until we reach the other side. The road may be rocky and the climb may be steep but keep ‘LOOKING UP.” As 1 Peter says in Chapter 1:6, 7 – “In this you greatly rejoice, though now for a little while, if need be, you have been grieved by various trials, that the genuineness of your faith being much more precious than gold that perishes, though it is tested by fire, may be found to praise, honor, and glory at the revelation of Jesus Christ.”

As Peter says in 1 Peter - May we rejoice in knowing that we are kept by the power of God and that we have an ineritance reserved in heaven that awaits us as we leave this world which is not our home. May we place our trust in our mighty and powerful God and allow our various trials to bring us to a deeper faith in the One who calls us His own.


In Christ’s love,


Anonymous said...

Dear Janice
I am sorry about your precious Hannah...Of course you know that she was a mighty warrior of God. On the Monday night bible studies when I DID SHOW up...there would be Gracious Hannah looking cute as always making sure we all settled in to our bible study. She is now sitting graciously as always next to our Mighty Lord Jesus making sure we still gather together on Monday nights as sisters in Christ. She also grins with joy as she sees her little sister Lacey join us. I am sure Jesus turns to Hannah and winks at her. I just wanted to say hi and thank you for ALL that you do for your sisters in Christ. I do trust in the has taken me some time to let go of the lead and PLACE IT IN GODS trusting hands to LEAD me. I hope this makes sense. You are one of Gods lovely angels sent to this dysfunctional place to SHOW us THE WAY TO OUR PRECIOUS JESUS! Thank you Love always Ivy

Katie said...

I love the verse from Hosea, so I am asking myself this:
"Why, whether I am in abundance or in lack, do I not just ask God every day what I can do for Him?"
I mean, really, when you truly love a person, isn't that what you do? You try to keep that smile on their face. I want to do the same for God. Live my life to try to keep the smile on his face. I want to praise Him every day, whether it is going as I planned it or not!

Nahum 1:7 says, "God is good, a stronghold in the time of trouble, and He knows those who trust in him"
I want to trust in him always. Even when I am crying out, I am still trusting that He hears me, even if I am being a big baby about something:]
Thanks for your words, Janice.
We miss our furry companions and are grateful for the time they spent with us and the joy they brought.

Ginny said...

I know just what you mean. I've been in a kind of slump lately too. I listen to talk radio too much and it just gets me so riled up! But one of my friends here at work always tells me that everything that's going on in our country and in the world doesn't upset him because he knows who is in charge. That sure wakes me up! You just reminded me of that too.
Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Janice,

I received your email with the blog to comment. I did and for whatever reason, it did not go through. I believe it had something to do with Google. In any case, this is very important and absolutely you can pass this on. My trust, my faith is in Jesus; my Savior. I am a living testimony! I could not and would not want to do it without him. He is in control, that does not mean I am calm, composed and don't have emotions. I do, but I have learned over the years to trust him. That is the only way, it is a process. I just got back from a business trip but wanted to reply God is so good, keep looking up, trust me; he never fails us.

Abundant blessings,
Pat Kovacs