Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Amazing Freedom found in the Infinite Grace of God!

Amazing Freedom found in the Infinite Grace of God!

This past weekend I attended with Women of Faith Conference here in Jacksonville. The theme this year was “Infinite Grace.”

As I thought about “Infinite Grace” I wondered how many women will attend that conference without really giving much thought to what those words really mean. So, I asked myself and then others “have you given any thought about the theme and what those words “Infinite Grace” mean?

After pondering those words I set off to do a search on the Internet. Here’s what I came up with.

Infinite means never ending, boundless, limitless, immeasurable.

Grace has many definitions. One is what God does for us, to us, in us, and through us. It is unmerited favor or getting something you don’t deserve. I loved this one that stated, “although there are many definitions there is one common thread that runs through them all….you can say that grace is the activity of God motivated by His love accepted by the receiver through faith.”

It is in this Infinite Grace that we can find our freedom….freedom from those things that keep us in bondage….freedom from past hurts, freedom from our shame, freedom from anything that keep us from being all God wants us to be. In other words, it’s all about finding freedom from a broken past. Freedom is ours in Christ.

Freedom is ours for the asking but the question is do you want it? What do I mean by that…do you want it?

I can’t help but think of times in my own life (sometimes even still today) where I know that something in me isn’t quite right….I’m not where I’m supposed to be spiritually; I’m not growing in the things of God, I’m kind of just going through the motions. Or it can be something that isn’t necessarily wrong but I have to ask myself should I be doing it? It can even be something like an insecurity or something shameful that is deeply hidden within me, something that I thought I dealt with a long time ago….or something that is revealed and you realize that you’ve never dealt with it. I do understand that the Lord is revealing these things to me because He wants me to deal with them. He wants me to be free so that I can live the life He purposed for me before I was even born. A life that is to be used for His glory has to be a life that is free.

But the question is “Do I want the Amazing Freedom that is found in the Infinite Grace of God? If I were to be perfectly honest I would have to say that sometimes the answer is “I do, but” or ‘no.” Why? Because it may be too painful to bring up some old and shameful memories; maybe it’s because I thought that I was way beyond forgiveness. Or it can be just too hard; I’m handling life quite well…I’ve gotten myself into a nice comfort zone; there’s no sense in bringing up my sinful past. I’m quite content here. Let sleeping dogs lie as they say. I wonder if I’m the only one who thinks that way or if there are others who do as well?

I know about hurts, shame, sin and insecurities. And, I also know about the Amazing Freedom that is found in God’s Infinite Grace. I too have been through the valleys and felt the pain of the reason as to why I was there with every step. It is with each step though that I got closer and closer to freedom, to the freedom that the Lord so desires for me. Sometimes it was a quick journey and yet others took what it seemed like forever. One thing they had in common though was in the end I found God’s “Amazing Freedom.”

I’ve found freedom on more than one occasion, and yet I know that there are more things to be dealt with and more steps to take. I’m planning on choosing freedom over bondage and I hope you will too. I hope that you will choose to walk your road to freedom by holding onto the Hand that will lead you by and through His Infinite Grace. No matter how long our walks to freedom are remember God’s Infinite Grace is never ending. It knows no boundaries and should we take a wrong turn and let go of His Hand….just reach up and grab hold of it again….but this time hold on a little tighter and a little longer…you’ll get through and be free at last.

In our Sunday morning class we just finished an in depth study on the Samaritan woman. She had many of the same issues we have today….shame, sin, self. In the heat of the day Jesus met with her and conversed with her. And through this conversation this woman came to the place of finding the freedom I’m sure she longed for. She found freedom from self which included her personal limitations and human weaknesses as well as her sinful lifestyle. She gained freedom from the racial barriers that were so prevalent back then. And she gained freedom from a sinful lifestyle that included immoral behavior, adulterous relationships and a freedom from her unbelief in Jesus as the Messiah. By the end of the conversation she knew beyond a shadow of doubt that He was the Messiah and that freedom was now hers.

The Samaritan woman is just one example of a person finding freedom. There are many examples of freedom and restoration in the bible. Take the time to read the Scriptures and allow God Himself through His Word to speak to the depths of your spirit. Allow Him to minister to you as He ever so gently reveals those things He wants to release you from, in order for you to experience His Amazing Freedom.

I pray for each person who will read this blog, that we will sit at the feet of Jesus daily….that we will come to a new understanding of just how much He really loves us. I pray that God’s Great Grace will pour down from heaven bringing you to a new understanding of who He is, and the grace He so desires to lavish on you.

I’d like to share this last comment with you in which I use three of the Women of Faith themes from 2007, 2008 and 2009. It goes like this:

When “Amazing Freedom” is found in the “Infinite Grace” of God it is for sure “A Grand New Day.” AMEN!

Let me know how you are doing on your road to freedom.

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Larcie said...

Janice, your words are such a succint aid in my walk on/in this temporary place. Blessings are raining on me so much and so often that I don't even notice them all, but I appeciate the effect your words have on my continuing education of God's plan for me. Isn't that an awesome thought: God has a plan for me--little, sinful me. Praise God for his infinite grace. I thank Him every morning (and often throughout the day) for his perpetual blanket of grace and mercy that covers my soul, my heart, my mind, my mouth, my hands and my feet. He told me I could have it, and I am going to take it, and I'm not going to apologize for it or feel that I could never be worthy of it (although I know I could never be worthy of it, but that doesn't make me hesitate one iota reaching out and grabbing hold of it!), and I will say to Him, "You said I could have it, Father. I know your Infinite Grace and Mercy are mine." At times, I, too, allow myself a fraction of an instant to consider the horrible, sinful things I did in the past, and I can't even use the excuse of youth. I have no excuse. The times the evil Satan makes me think of the horrid things I did, the brief moments I recall those sins, the eyes of my heart fall to the ground, my chin sinks to my chest, my eyes well with those regretful tears, and I say, "Oh, Father, I am so sorry," and He says, "For what? Are you trying to make me remember something we've already agreed to forgive and forget?" And, I raise my eyes to the only place I think He may be, and in the blue of the sky or the dark gray of the clouds, I look for His face and say, "No, Father. No. But. Thank you, Father. Thank you." Yes, Infinite Amazing Grace. It is mine. Praise the Father. Thank you, Janet, for helping me along my path to that home Jesus is preparing for me. He said he would come back for me, and it's wonderful women, like you, My Dear Friend, who accompany me along the way and help me find the path. Thank you. Laura Clockadale (My dad called me Larcie.)